PREPARATION: Shake the bottle well before use. Fill the can with water by half, add the extract, mix well and add the rest of the water. The water should be chlorine-free, if water is chlorine, then let it stand for at least 24-48 hours and then mix with GROWO. Use the working solution immediately. When other chemical fertilizers are used, the extract is added last. 


  1. Seed treatment before sowing: the seeds are immersed in a 3% solution of 1:30 (dilute 3 caps per 1 liter of water) - soaking before sowing for 3-6 hours. The remaining solution can be used for irrigation, diluted with water by an additional 70%.
  2. Plant nutrition:
  Application technology Dose (extract: water) Recommendations
Grass Spraying March - October 1: 100 (1 cap per 1 l of water) 2 times per month 1l of solution on 10 m2 area   

Spraying is better to produce early in the morning or in the evening, not under the scorching sun. Extract applying on a rainy day or in the presence of dew is ineffective. GROWO does not lose its properties if used with chemical fertilizers.


  • Provides optimal amount of nutrients (especially in spring).
  • Strengthens resistance to stress for the root system, and also stimulates its accelerated growth.
  • Improves the structure of the roots.
  • Makes root system branched, thick and powerful.
  • Improves inter-growth and seed germination.
  • Enhances the brightness of the color.
  • Increases the mass of green leaves, grass density.
  • Contributes to anti-stress resistance to environmental conditions, sharp climatic changes.
  • Promotes lawn conservation in winter
  • Improves immunity and adaptogenic properties.
  • It suppresses the development of pathogenic micro-flora.
  • Improves resistance to diseases and suppresses most diseases.
  • Bears a protective function against insect pests.


  • Observe the recommended doses.
  • Do not spray in strong wind and heat.
  • After application to observe normal hygiene.
  • GROWO stored in the shade at a temperature of + 5°C to + 25°C.
  • GROWO is compatible with all herbal remedies.
  • GROWO is harmless to people and animals, useful soil flora and fauna.


The application rate of vermicompost depends on the quality and fertility of the soil. Therefore, in the soil with a low content of organic substances, the quantity of application of vermicompost should be increased and vice versa, if the organic content is high, the quantity of application is reduced.

    1. Fertilizer and tillage for different types of lawn produced by a single technology. The stage at which favorable conditions are laid for the rapid and synchronous emergence of lawn grass shoots and its subsequent growth. Initially preparing a mixture of sand and vermicompost 1: 1. When digging before planting, put the mixture into the soil at the rate of 0.6 to 1 kg / m², depending on its type, area of sowing of lawn grass. Harrow to a depth of 5-7 cm, sown the seeds and pour water.
    2. Adding to the lawns. Before introducing vermicompost, the lawn needs to be prepared: clean with a rake and make punctures in the soil (for example, with pitchforks). Vermicompost should be mixed with 1: 1 sand at the rate of 300ml / m² of vermicompost and sprinkled over the lawn. Then pour intensive sprinkling.


       For plants

       Same as when applying the extract.

       For soil

      • increases living soil (rhizosphere) microflora
      • increases soil nutrients (organic and inorganic)
      • increases soil ability to retain water, reduces moisture fluctuations
      • improves soil structure and looseness
      • promotes soil aeration
      • reduces soil erosion
      • reduces the removal of organic matter from the soil
      • has mechanical strength
      • increases the agronomic value of the soil
      • facilitates soil work-ability
      • eliminates incorrect processing results
      • protects groundwater from contamination with heavy metals and radionuclides


      • Observe the recommended doses.
      • After application to observe usual hygiene.
      • Compatible with plants protection remedies.
      • It is harmless to people and animals, useful soil flora and fauna.